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Middleham Falls


Cascading nearly 300 feet, Middleham Falls, located in the Morne Tois Pitons National Park, provides a memorable experience.  


Defined as a level 2 hike (4 being the most challenging) in Paul Crask's, Dominica Guidebook, the narrow trail wound up, down and around... some areas noticeably more steep than others, with with an occasional balancing act climb over moss-slick rocks, down, across and up through boulder strewn streambeds.


An understanding of the falls cannot be fairly described with any combination of words. Water falling hundreds of feet against a green sea background of rainforest foliage all the while tied at the top to deep, blue sky and puffs of clouds... cascades of white ribbon spilling into a cold crystal pool shored up by never ending reverberation and  splash, everything wrapped in a silky mist... can only truly be experienced.


We first viewed the full expanse of the falls from a platform (built by the park service) that hung out several feet and 50 yards or so above the rocks, both laterally to the falls and vertically to the stream and pool below.  Providing a great view, several photos (see below) were taken from this vantage.


From the pool's edge, along with the inspiring height of the spectacle, the three, towering shear cliffs shaped around the falls take on startling dimensions and strength. One easily feels small here, seemingly an ant in the throat of the forest.


The water is cold, but instantly refreshing... once having  jumped in and the first breath rediscovered -- the heat and sweat of the hike quickly washes away.


Having this world to ones self here is a special moment, all while swimming and jumping & diving from rocks naturally placed eons ago during some volcanic rearrangement... for just such things.



Note that there two trails, shorter trail, leading to Middleham Falls.  This trail head begins south of the falls on the road that leads to the Fresh Water and Boiling Lakes.  Hiking to the falls from this trail, at a moderate pace, can take 30-45 minutes. The trail is initially a steep climb for the first have half, before becoming somewhat flat, followed by a moderate slope down to Falls' viewing area.


For a ratio perspective of the above scene, compare the bottom left corner where Alden & Dylan are standing by the pool, to the top of the falls.

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