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Blue Marlin, 500+ lbs


Tony (below left with red hat) fishing alone "out there," having called ashore once in cell phone range (approximately 15 miles out), gives cause for friends and fellow fishers to gather at the beach to observe or help unload the catch. Keep in mind, this marlin, easily weighing over 500 pounds, was caught on a hand line, pulled into his boat and secured by him alone.




Blue Marlin, 400+ lbs
caught by Tony and friend Nathaniel


Blue Marlin, 450+ lbs.
Another large marlin caught by Tony fishing solo 40 miles at sea. What took 6 men to get out of the boat and 4 to carry up on shore. Besides the huge marlin, this day he also caught three, 90+ lb tunas and a couple of nice king fish.   See Related Video Below



...1 day's, 3 Blue Marlin catch
175-250 lbs. range