Life on Dominica

Wood Baked Bread


 Fresh Bread! ...baked the old fashioned way
in an old wood-fired, stone oven.

From Humble Beginnings Bakery, featured on this page, is located
 in the west coast village of Coulibistrie.


Bread Types: Expect to see french-style looking bread (mastif), a flat square bread (jackeri), a round, bun looking bread (rolly-polly-rolly), sub-style looking bread as well as hamburger and hotdog looking buns.  Loaf-style bread, is not common, though it can be found occasionally. 


Depending on the type of bread you purchase, expect to pay between EC .25 cents to EC $1 for individual breads.



Only a few bakeries on  Dominica still utilized the tradition or have the means of baking bread the old fashioned way in a wood-fired, stone oven.



Most bread in Dominica is baked in modern ovens and is made daily except for Sundays and holidays.  Bread is delivered daily to grocery stores and other outlets as including small bakery "shops."


Bread can also be purchased at specific time, most often late afternoon, early evening, out the  back windows of delivery vans and cars that make rounds along village streets.  


As preservatives are not used, fresh bread lasts only about a day and half; placing the bread in the refrigerator will extend its life by a day or two and freezing for awhile.