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Dominica's CARNIVAL -- a time to... JuMp-uP!


Dominica’s Carnival originated in the 1950's, as a time to let loose, unwind and free the sprit though music, costumes and dancing in the street.  Today, locals as well as tourist join together in the revelry for two weeks of festivities. Also known as Mas Dominik, and The Real Mas, the event has African and French roots and is recognized as the most original Carnival in the Caribbean. The pre-Lenten festival usually falls in February or March each year. Celebrated around the island, main events, activities and festivities revolve around very loud music, dancing in the streets (jump-up), Calypso competition, the annual crowning of the Queen monarch, amazing costumes, the beauty of Dominica and its people, and much m.


Carnival Monday & Tuesday are highlighted by costume bands and street jump-up from before dawn to well past midnight. In practically every village, one can experience the camaraderie  of dancing, jumping, twisting, singing, drinking -- a togetherness that marks this event as revelers follow large trucks piled high with blaring loud speakers spilling their pounding music across, over and through the crowds, communities and country sides. Both leading and mingling throughout the parade, some Dominicans dress in Sensay costumes. West-African in origin, these costumes are hand-made with frayed rope, leaves and other material, accompanied by a mask and often horns. The Carnival's annual costume parade is held in Roseau each year. It is a site and spectacle that one must experience to truly appreciate and understand. Hundreds participate, all dressed in bright, colorful costumes, marching, dancing or riding on color floats, very young and old alike… as thousands line the street to marvel.     Also see Carnival Faces

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