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There are three kinds of hummingbirds on Dominica including the Purple Throated Carib (the largest, very aggressive and territorial), the Antillean Crested  Hummingbird (the smallest) and the Green Throated Carib.   Very smart, very fast and very tiny, often smaller than one's little finger, hummingbirds are the master of flight.  They have the ability to fly straight up, down, upside down, sideways and backwards. Hummingbird's wings beat at an average of 70 times per second in normal flight and up to 200 times a second in a dive. Their average flight speed is 25-30 mph but can reach up to 60 mph in a dive. 


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Purple Throated Carib
& Antillean Crested  Hummingbirds are featured on this page.




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