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Many visitors to Dominica will find shopping for groceries and supplies challenging... older travelers might find stores reminiscent of the mom & pop places they were accustom to in their youth, while others will liken shopping for food items to a hunter-gather system. 


In other words, groceries stores in Dominica are small and, carry small selections of different things, and invariably probably not everything you need at any one particular store.  Here, shoppers learn to go to specific stores for specific items.


EC and US dollars are accepted, as are credit cards, in most grocery stores.  Don't anticipate any grocery store to be open on Sundays with the exception of Sav-a-Lot in Roseau, some 7-11s and a snacket here and there.

Plan accordingly!


Travelers arriving on Sundays and especially holidays, need to know that there is a very good chance that one will not find any place to buy groceries or other supplies ...likewise, any open restaurants and few, if any, open snackets! 


Many travelers, as well as students arriving at Ross University have learned this the hard way. 


Open Markets


Fruits & Vegetables, all locally grown, can be found for sale literally everywhere across Dominica from roadside stands to the back ends of trucks to market locations in Roseau, Portsmouth and other villages.  Average price per pound for any particular type of produce is around EC $3... sometimes more, sometimes less depending on seasonal abundance.  In-season, oranges and grapefruits might be purchased at 4 for EC $1.  Sometimes, a buyer might be able to haggle a price down. 

  • Roseau's open market, the largest on the island, is located at the northwest corner of town, along the river near to where it runs into the ocean and across the street from Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Several sellers (hucksters) have produce available every day at this location.  Friday afternoons and Saturdays, however, finds this market space totally filled with seller and mounds of produce. Shoppers will also find dozens of hucksters along several other streets in Roseau. 

  • Portsmouth's market is located in in the middle of town near the fisheries complex... keep driving down the main road running through town, you will see it.

Fish can be frequently purchased directly from fishermen along their beach front haunts where boats are moored.  Visitors will often see catches of large tuna and marlin and smaller varieties of fish for sale early to mid-afternoon upon the fishermen's return from sea.  One will often see a crowd of folks gathering around a location where fish are being sold and or will here the piercing sound of a conch shell being blown, signaling: Fish for sale....come now to buy!   Don't be surprised, when buying a portion from a larger tuna or marlin, when the fisherman pulls out a machete and expertly chops off your piece.   It will then be weighed on a small, ever-present scale. Bring your own plastic sack or bucket - expect to pay between EC $5-$10 per pound depending on fish type.   Fish can also be purchased from at government fisheries complexes at Roseau, Portsmouth and Marigot - inquire for locations.


Bread in Dominica is made daily except for Sundays and holidays and is available in most grocery stores if their daily stock has not been depleted.  Visitors from the US and Europe should not expect to see loaves of bread or buns as they would in their country.  Expect to see french-style looking bread (mastif), a flat square bread (jackeri), a round, bun looking bread (rolly-polly-rolly), sub-style looking bread as well as hamburger and hotdog looking buns.  Loaf-style bread, is not common, though it can be found occasionally.  Expect bread to last about a day and half, as preservatives are not used in Dominican bread; placing the bread in the refrigerator will extend its life by a day or two.  Don't expect Dominican bread to be extremely flavorful unless warm just out of the oven; many will find it to be dry.


                Depending on the type of bread you purchase, expect to pay between EC .25 cents to EC $1 for individual breads.


Where else can bread be purchased?

  • Bread-shacks (stores) are tiny and could be easily overlook by visitors if not alert.  Bread-shacks can be identified by a sign above a door or window often located in a small nook. To purchase, just walks up and buy your bread through the door or window. Bread-shacks are scattered about Roseau, Portsmouth and other villages.

  • Bread-vans can be seen (some have a sign on a door) and flagged down as they drive down streets and roads.  Essentially a "bread-van" is a bread store on wheels .When you see someone buy bread out of vehicle window, that's the bread-van, catch the driver's attention, walk over to the driver, find out what type of bread is onboard and make your purchase. 

Grocery Stores


Picard, Glanvilla & Portsmouth area


Tina’s - Glanvillia

  • Located along the main road in Glanvilla (between Picard & Portsmouth) - from Picard & Ross University drive north - after passing Kentucky Fried Chicken and going up a hill, the road bends sharply -  soon after rounding the bend look for a large white 2-story building on your LEFT... there will be a rack of propane bottles in front of the store


Whitchurch IGA-  - Picard / Portsmouth

  • Located just south of Ross University, look for the large green building on the west (sea side) of the main road  -- This store opened in 2011 and carries a nice varied selection of frozen foods, groceries, beer / liquor, fruits / vegetables, household items ... and a deli serving a variety of prepared foods, cold-cuts, and bakery items.... many things you would expect to see in US stores.

Miniya’s 711 - Picard (might find open on Sundays and holidays)

  • Located across the street from Ross University (north end of campus) and the Shacks (food court) -

James Store - Picard

  • Located across the street from Ross University - take the street directly across from the Ross U main gate - make an immediate LEFT  and drive down the narrow road about 200 feet - the store entrance will be on your left - other than groceries this store carries a wide variety of hardware, household goods and other many other miscellaneous, hard to find supplies. James' is newly remodeled. there is now an entrance on the front, facing the street, but parking is probably best in the back.

Picard Grocery Store - Picard

  • Located directly across the street from Ross University Housing (RUH) ...having entered the Picard area, about a quarter mile into town, look for a "pink" building on your RIGHT - turn RIGHT into the road - Tina's is on the LEFT about 30 feet from the road - as Tina's sits off the road behind another building it can be difficult to see - there is a sign above the door - a small store but a nice selection food items.

Duverney's - Portsmouth (might be open when others are not)

  • Located downtown Portsmouth, just north of the police station - small store with many conventional items, etc


Roseau & Surrounding Area


Astaphans - Roseau

  • Located on King George V St., east of Independence St (main street entering town from the north) - Downstairs: groceries, frozen foods, beer / liquor, household cleaning --- Upstairs: department store like with clothing, furniture, electronics, appliances, household goods, etc. 

Save-A-Lot - Roseau

  • Located at the northwest corner of town, along the river near directly beside Kentucky Fried Chicken and just a few feet from the Open Market --- the closest thing to a US grocery store on the island - fresh and frozen meats, frozen foods, fresh vegetables, good selection of groceries ---- Upstairs - nice supplied drugstore similar to what one will find in the US.

Whitchurch IGA-  - Roseau

  • Located on Old St. a couple of blocks east then north of the Open Market -- varied selection of frozen foods, groceries, beer / liquor, fruits / vegetables, household items ... and a deli serving a variety of prepared foods, cold-cuts, and bakery items.

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