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Additional Useful information, especially for Ross University students, can be  found here...

 Dominica Blog

Traveling to Dominica is an adventure in itself. 


Before departing the US, Europe or wherever you are coming from, make sure you do your homework in learning about and understanding what awaits you, including:

  • Airlines

  • Airport connections

  • Overnight Accommodations prior to arrival

  • Island transport options

  • Island accommodations

Though tantalizingly beautiful and photogenic from sea, 
to coasts, to rain forest mountains, Dominica is NOT 
the resort style Caribbean that many envision nor 
is it like any other Caribbean island.


Be wary if taking advice from a travel agent who has never visited the island; if they have not, most, it seems, don't have a clue as to understanding the island themselves... thus, provide their clients with inaccurate information.  Basically they error by believing that Dominica is similar to other Caribbean Islands from the perspectives of topography, infrastructure and available amenities. 


For example, an agent told one traveler that one could fly directly from San Juan and land within a few minutes of the island's capital city, Roseau.  He failed to realize that Dominica has two airports and that the "major" airport is on the far side of the island--opposite Roseau.  Learning of his error, he then told his client that even though the airport was on the other side of the island that the drive to the hotel in Roseau would only take a few minutes, his assumption upon noting the island was only 29 miles long, surely a journey of less than 20 miles.  --- It might be 20 miles as the crow flies, but the mileage is more near 60 miles due to Dominica's terrain and, well over an hour's driving time.


It takes time to get Dominica... Sans for a few flights leaving the US east coast, it generally takes travelers two days, meaning an overnight stay in San Juan, Barbados or Antigua, to arrive in Dominica.  Likewise, for return flights.


Flying from all departure points in the U.S. to Dominica involves a connection in either San Juan, Barbados or Antigua dependant on the airline you are flying.


Currency in Dominica is the East Caribbean Dollar  (EC)


The conversion rate is:

$2.68 EC  to  $1.00 US

 $1.00 EC = .38 US cents


Most all business will take both EC and US dollars.


Expect change to be in EC.


Credit cards can be used at some locations including restaurants and grocery stores. Always inquire first.