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*Two airlines fly into Dominica


American Airlines is the only U.S. based carrier that provides flights to Dominica with continued connections only through San Juan, via partner Seaborne Air.


Seaborne Air, partnered with American Airlines, flies out of San Juan. Tickets can be arranged sans American if arriving on another airline; however, prices are best if ticketed with your American Airlines itinerary.

Liat Air, a Caribbean based airline, flies to Dominica out of San Juan, Antigua and Barbados - connections from other airlines are made at these locations.


**Other routes (for U.S. based travelers) than the ones described on this page via San Juan and Barbados (which are the most commonly used) are available for getting to Dominica. Time spent researching these options will provide some results.





Only a handful of flights leaving from the US east coast  "potentially" allow travelers to make Dominica in one day. The exceptions included some very early morning departures from New York City, Philadelphia, Miami and maybe a couple of other locations.


Details to Consider when planning your flights:

  • American Airlines, with its partner Seaborne Air, provides the only option of ticketing a flight to Dominica via one online location through the American website.   Note that Seaborne honors American's baggage rules. However, overhead bin space on Seaborne planes is very, very small; most carry on luggage, sans computers and a personal item, are checked plane-side.

  • American flights also fly into Barbados, but for the flight on to Dominica one must also secure a ticket with Liat.

  • **Liat provides travelers opportunity to fly a variety of other  carriers (for example Continental, United, British Air, etc.) into the Caribbean region before traveling on to Dominica.

  • Flying Liat provides some opportunity to fly into Dominica in one day.  However:

  • Transfer times are very tight due to collecting luggage, then checking in and rechecking luggage on to Dominica... any slight delay can potentially force an overnight stay, and or luggage not making the transfer

  • After making your connection with Liat, their flights, in most instances, arrive in Dominica very late afternoon and depart the island very early morning. These flight times can create transportation headaches both coming and going... see following explanations.

  • Arrival on a late afternoon Liat flight invariably lends itself to visitors traveling Dominica's roads to their west coast (and some east central) lodging destinations after dark.  First-time visitors, most likely, will find this to be an unnerving, possibly unpleasant experience they'll never forget.  Learn more about: Driving on Dominica

  • Similarly, when leaving the island, in order to make connections in Antigua and other gateways, Liat's flights depart Dominica approximately between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.  For those travelers lodging at most places along Dominica's west coast or east central / southeast areas this requires leaving for the airport (located on the northeast coast) anywhere between 3:30 a.m. and 5 a.m. ...making for a very long drive in the dark and a long travel day.

  • Currently, Liat allows one (1)* 50 lb checked bag to be checked FREE and one "small" carry-on
                                    *to verify, call Liat or review their website:

  • Liat travelers frequently complain of and or experience lost and damaged luggage and unreliable flight schedules!




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