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Car Rental ~ Drivers for Hire / Taxis ~ Local Transport


Riding and Driving On Dominica
is not for the faint-of-heart.


There are 4 ways to get where you are going on Dominica: Drivers for Hire / Taxis, Car Rental, Local Transport and Hitchhiking. Visitors should note that hitchhiking is commonly practiced, island-wide, by many locals (and some visitors) ranging in age from very young school children to adults.


Note that traffic drives on the LEFT
side of the road on Dominica.


Car Rental    Drivers for Hire / Taxis    Local Transport


Car Rental


Don't be deterred, just be really, really careful!

Read More About Driving on Dominica 


There are several places to rent a car while visiting Dominica including the Melville Hall airport (east coast), Roseau and Portsmouth (west coast) areas. 


A local driver's permit is required to rent car. Permits can be purchased (there is not test) can be purchased (valid for one month) from the your car rental company. Or, from the Vehicle Licensing Office in Roseau.  Cost: EC$30 (US$12)


Gas stations are scattered about Dominica; visitors might find them difficult to locate.  Their are several gas stations in and near to Roseau... can't locate one, inquire. There are 2 located in Portsmouth: one beside the National Bank of Dominica, and near the Indian River and one near the bus stop....  one (central west coast) in St. Joseph, in the village across from the Catholic Church along the coast; Jimmit, directly along the main west coast road;  and a couple in the Calibishie area (northeast coast). Keep your tanks topped-off as gas stations frequently run out of gas & diesel until a tanker transport arrives to replenish supplies.


Note that though car rental offices are located in one area of the island that many businesses will arrange to pick you up and bring you to their office for little or no charge OR, will bring a car and meet you at the airport or wherever you are lodging.

North East Coast


Calabash Motors


Courtesy Car Rental


Roseau / Melville Hall Airport

Portsmouth Area


J X Rent-A-Car



Silver Lining Car Rental


U-Save Rent A Car



Valley Rent-A-Car
Roseau Area  
Bonus Car Rentals

Courtesy Car Rental


Roseau / Melville Hall Airport

Garraway Car Rental


Island Car Rentals Ltd


Nature Island Car



Quality Rent-A-Car


Road Runner Car Rental


Valley Rent-A-Car



Renting a car while in Dominica?
Some points of consideration , if. . .

  • you  are arriving in Dominica by plane

  • you  are arriving 4pm or later in the afternoon

  • your lodging accommodations are anywhere along the west coast (Caribbean Sea side)

  • you have plans of renting a car at the airport to drive yourself across the island

  • you have no experience driving on the left

  • you have no understanding of Dominican driving habits,  terrain and road conditions....

We suggest for your safety and peace of mind that you hire transport from the airport to your lodging destination prior to  your arrival or upon exiting the terminal.


You can easily make arrangements to have your
rental car dropped off at your lodging location
or the rental agency will help you pick up
your car in Roseau or Portsmouth.


Why? Chances are that if you arrive after 4pm, go through customs, claim your luggage, (or file a claim if you have lost luggage) do car rental paperwork etc, that it could very well be near to or dark before departing the airport premises.  If you are unaccustomed to driving on Dominica, note that it takes a long time to go just about anywhere. Drivers inexperienced with driving on the left and or Dominica,  should anticipate extended driving times in arriving at final destination:


Driving Times, dusk / dark
 from Melville Hall Airport to...

Calibishie / near North Coast:

0:20 to 0:30

Pagua Bay / near East Coast:

0:10 to 0:20

Portsmouth / Ross University:

0:45 to 1:15+

Salisbury / West Central Coast:

1:45 to 2:30+

Roseau / Southwest Coast:

(if taking the Central Reserve Forest road route - much longer if taking the Portsmouth, then west coast road route)

1:45 to 2:30+

Rosalie Bay / East Central Coast:

 1:45 to 2:30+


Private Hire / Taxis: arrangements can easily be made for private hire and or taxi service, however, one must generally make arrangements ahead of time.  Visitors will find several available private hire / taxi opportunities at the airport and some  locations in Roseau and Portsmouth.  For visitors, private hire is a very good way to a sightsee, etc.  Expect to pay between $40-$75 US for a full day - negotiate the price before beginning your journey! Generally a taxi hire from Melville Hall airport to the west coast will be $35 to $50 US.  Sometimes, a per-person rate can be negotiated.  Dominica's drivers are friendly... visit with them about price and, during your journey, about Dominica in general.


One of the best ways to secure Private Hire is to inquire at your place of lodging or ask for recommendation from someone you know on the island.


Alexis  George: Taxi & Private Hire

Office: 767-445-6303
Cell: 767-235-5326 or 767-616-5326
Portsmouth / Ross University / Island-wide


Local Transport (LT): Larger vans act as buses on Dominica and cost from EC $1.50 to (.55 cents US) to EC $12 ( $3.85 US) - depending how distance traveled.  Local Transports run to all points across the island. The most frequented route, however, is main west cost road between Roseau & Portsmouth and points in-between. 


There are NO set schedules but LT, generally, is easily secured between 7a and 6p Monday- Saturday. Frequency declines 7p-9p.  (More infrequent on Sundays and holidays).


There are designated LT / bus-stops (most often dilated shacks) but transports will stop and drop-off just about anywhere there is a request. To board, just wait along the road somewhere and stick a hand out as one approaches.  


Note that many LT drivers don't understand safety and drive how ever the want... and, that many transports are on their last leg.  Non-the-less, a majority of Dominica's populace and some visitors rely on Local Transport as their main mode of transportation.  Don't ride in the front seat!


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